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I work on google app project and I am struggling a bit with java oauth library (1.10.1-beta).

I followed closely : http://code.google.com/p/google-oauth-java-client/wiki/OAuth2#Authorization_code_flow

Problem is that I dont know from where I should get userId or userEmail. I know there is userinfo API but I am actually trying to create Credentials, so I cannot access userinfo API AFIAK.

My application work nicely on localhost (because of test@example.com user is always there) but fails miserably when deployed in google engine environment (NullPointerException user.getUserId()).

// we ask for token because we got authCode
GoogleTokenResponse gTokenResponse = userUtils.getFlow().newTokenRequest(authCode).setRedirectUri(userUtils.getRedirectUri()).execute();

//trying to search for user email / id /  whatever
User user = UserServiceFactory.getUserService().getCurrentUser();

//user is null -> nullPointerException is thrown 
userUtils.getFlow().createAndStoreCredential(gTokenResponse, user.getUserId());

Could you please point out a flaw in my use-case or give me a hint ? I searched a lot in SDK samples,Stackoverflow and here but there is not many implementations.

PS: In method AuthorizationCodeFlow.createAndStoreCredential(...) is userId mandatory only when you use persistent storage for Credentials and yes i am using that so userId cannot be null in my case.


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You are doing OAUTH (authorization) before you identified your user (authentication). You must redirect your user to the login page when he is not logged in :

UserServiceFactory.getUserService().getCurrentUser() == null

You do that by redirecting the user to the loginUrl :

String loginUrl = userService.createLoginURL(request.getOriginalRef().toString());

The next time the user arrives at your app, he will be logged in, and you can ask for the userId.

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But given code runs after user grants access of application so in that situation application have to know who is logged in google account. –  Martin85 Aug 12 '12 at 20:36
if UserServiceFactory.getUserService().getCurrentUser() == null then I am afraid the user is not logged into his google account –  koma Aug 13 '12 at 7:33

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