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Instead of a single StringProperty(), I want to store a list of strings

class BlogPost(ndb.Model):
    s1 = ndb.StringProperty(required=True)
    s2 = ndb.StringProperty(required=True)
    s3 = ndb.StringProperty(required=True)

I would rather go

class BlogPost(ndb.Model):
    my_strings = ndb.StringListProperty() # does this exist?
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yes, use a repeated property:

Any property with repeated=True becomes a repeated property. The property takes a list of values of the underlying type, rather than a single value. For example, the value of a property defined with IntegerProperty(repeated=True) is a list of integers.

see the docs: Repeated Properties

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note it's up to the programmer to ensure the length of the list is 3 (if you only wanted a list of length 3 say) –  robert king Aug 10 '12 at 8:48

Also if you are only operating on lists and you don't need indexing you can use the ndb.JsonProperty that will parse a list with non empty valid Json objects. By this way you can also compress your data but you lose indexing if you don't enable it as arg, because it is stored as a Blob.

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