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Skimming through the nodejs docs I see options objects being passed to configure features in the http library. However I don't see a quick way to access the original options that were used in a http.request(options, callback) call to construct a http.ClientRequest object, after the fact. Are original options available through the request object and not deemed private, or should I instead hold my own reference to the original options in case I want to use them later?

I assume the options are composited inside the http.ClientRequest object, but that could be wrong.

I could probably try going either way with this (dig into composited info, or pass around an external reference to it), but am new enough to nodejs that I want some sage advice first, to find out what I should do if the option object's available, and by using best practice.

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You should always keep your own reference. Most of the time you have no way of telling what's going to happen to that object after you pass it to a constructor. Almost everybody leaves it alone, but some libraries/modules may have side-effects on it. For example, you may see source code doing: = || 'bar';

...modifying your object. So you may even have to clone your object before passing it to a constructor if you want to keep a reference to it.

As for ClientRequest in particular, it doesn't hold a public reference to the options object, but it has properties that match some of the options like req.path or req.port.

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