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I'm working on implementing a regex pattern in XML, the issue I'm facing is when checking for ampersand in XML. Is there any cleaner way of doing this, the parameters can be of different order.

request_id=123&application_id=876734&cat_id=1234&rept_id=12123&req_type=Schedule&lookid=GH123366HJ123&access_key=ABCD12345&requested_date=2012-02-05 04:50:17&run_date=2012-02-05 04:50:17&schedule_id=1123

The corresponding regex written is

<filter regex="request_id=([^&amp;]+)&amp;application_id=([^&amp;]+)&amp;cat_id=    ([^&amp;]+)&amp;rept_id=([^&amp;]+)&amp;req_type=([^&amp;]+)&amp;lookid=([^&amp;]+)&amp;access_key=([^&amp;]+)&amp;requested_date=([^&amp;]+)&amp;run_date=([^&amp;]+)&amp;schedule_id=([^&amp;]+)" source="get-property('To')"/>

My application (I do not have control in changing the way it works) would read the regex pattern from the XML and validate the query string.

Note: Right now it is not working as expected.

Alternate solution I found is


However it does not solve my purpose.

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Which regex engine? Which language? –  Kev Aug 11 '12 at 0:59

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Considering you want to replace the content between = and &,here is the code in c#

string s="request_id=123&application_id=87....................";
Regex r=new Regex(@"(?<=\=).*?(?=(\&)|\z)");

You can then add <filter regex= and source="get-property('To')"/> to the new replaced string!

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