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I have just transitioned from one Ubuntu machine to another. I didn't want to have to redownload the Android SDK all over again, so I copied my ~/android-sdks directory from the old machine to the new. I believe the permissions may have gotten messed up during the copy, e.g. platform-tools/abd wasn't copied across as executable. I think this is giving me more grief in Eclipse now (c.f. http://stackoverflow.com/a/886494) because other files don't have the permissions they need to do what they need to do. Is there an easy way to fix the permissions on the ~/android-sdks directory without redownloading it again/manually trying to find which files need permission changes?

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I just ran into a similar problem installing the sdk on a new Mac. I'm guessing the solution is similar.

Being a long time java developer, I often use the java "jar" utility to manage zip files. I di the following...

$ java xf ~/Downloads/adt-bundle-max-x86_64-20130522.zip

... all the files were extracted properly, but the execute bits were not set. I blew the directory away and re-extracted with unzip...

$ rm -rf adt-bundle-max-x86_64-20130522
$ unzip ~/Downloads/adt-bundle-max-x86_64-20130522.zip

... now the execute bits were preserved.

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I haven't tested this myself, but if ziping the directory and then using unzip to extract the files retains the executable permissions, then that seems like a solution to me. So I've marked this the accepted answer. –  Bryce Thomas Jul 3 '13 at 9:52

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