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I'm attempting to use the precompile.exe tool to generate a serialization assembly that can be used in a Windows Phone 7 program. The data model I have uses inheritance - and runs just fine as a .NET 4.0 program (serialization works). However, when attempting to generate a serialization assembly, I get the error:

Adding Program.Serialization.MessagePeer...
A type can only participate in one inheritance hierarchy
at ProtoBuf.Meta.MetaType.SetBaseType(MetaType baseType) in c:\Dev\protobuf-net\protobuf-net\Meta\MetaType.cs:line 138
at ProtoBuf.Meta.MetaType.AddSubType(Int32 fieldNumber, Type derivedType, DataFormat dataFormat) in c:\Dev\protobuf-net\protobuf-net\Meta\MetaType.cs:line 125
at ProtoBuf.Meta.MetaType.ApplyDefaultBehaviour() in c:\Dev\protobuf-net\protobuf-net\Meta\MetaType.cs:line 553
at ProtoBuf.Meta.RuntimeTypeModel.Add(Type type, Boolean applyDefaultBehaviour) in C:\Dev\protobuf-net\protobuf-net\Meta\RuntimeTypeModel.cs:line 494
at ProtoBuf.Precompile.PreCompileContext.Execute() in c:\Dev\protobuf-net\precompile\Program.cs:line 340
at ProtoBuf.Precompile.Program.Main(String[] args) in c:\Dev\protobuf-net\precompile\Program.cs:line 33

I've been able to repro the issue with a simpler data model:

[ProtoInclude(2, typeof(Bar))]
public abstract class Foo
    public int Value { get; set; }

public class Bar : Foo
    public string Name { get; set; }

I have tried using both r284 ad 2485 builds of protobuf from http://code.google.com/p/protobuf-net/.

The command line to precompile.exe is straightforward as well:


Is this a known problem in protobuf-net, or am I doing something wrong?

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Interesting; I have a repro and will investigate. As a side-note, there's no way that model should work - there is a duplicate field 1 on Foo - did something get broken during copy/paste? (this won't impact the bug you are seeing, but it makes me doubt "and runs just fine as a .NET 4.0 program") – Marc Gravell Aug 10 '12 at 5:52
Got it... fixing – Marc Gravell Aug 10 '12 at 5:58
Oops, that's a cut/paste error, I'll fix the sample. Out of curiosity, what was the problem? I briefly tried debugging it, but then realized I don't understand enough of the logic without studying it more to come up with a quick (and correct) fix. – LBushkin Aug 10 '12 at 6:08
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Hmmm; there was a little difference in how System.Reflection and IKVM.Reflection were reporting inherited attributes, i.e. the precompiler (which uses IKVM.Reflection) was seeing the inherited ProtoIncludeAttribute, plus 2 (instead of 1) ProtoContractAttributes.

This is fixed in r571

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Hmm, the fix may not be complete - after downloading and using r571, th precompile step succeeds, but attempting to use the resulting Serializer class results in a MissingMethodException in the Serialize() call. – LBushkin Aug 10 '12 at 7:11
@LBushkin one moment, I'll check it – Marc Gravell Aug 10 '12 at 7:17
@LBushkin cannot reproduce that; I have a phone-7 project working fine using the following: var ser = new so11::MySerializer(); SO11895998.Foo foo = new SO11895998.Bar {Name = "abc", Value = 4}; var clone = (SO11895998.Bar) ser.DeepClone(foo); Debug.Assert(clone.Name == "abc"); Debug.Assert(clone.Value == 4); - any chance you can provide more info on what it says is wrong? – Marc Gravell Aug 10 '12 at 7:29
@LBushkin (the so11: is just because I have more than one MySerializer in this project ;p) – Marc Gravell Aug 10 '12 at 7:30
Marc, which .NET framework are you targeting for WP7 when you run precompile? – LBushkin Aug 10 '12 at 7:34

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