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I'm looking to connect my WinJS app to mobile browser clients via a cloud service that everyone connects to using web sockets.

I built a solution using socket.io that works well as long as my node.js server is hosted on localhost :) When I deploy my server to Azure, the Windows 8 app returns an error saying it can't load external content in a local context (after calling socket.io's connect()).

Looking at the web sockets sample on MSDN, I think that I should use the built-in functionality in Windows.Networking.Sockets for at least what's between my app and the public cloud service as it won't try to load external resources.

My question is: what are the options for the other end of the tunnel? Does it require a .NET 4.5 host with IIS 8 (since IIS 7 doesn't support WS)? I don't think those exist today yet, so I'm wondering what the development story is here.

Depending on what I end up using for the server, I think I'll have to use socket.io again or SignalR to serve the clients (most won't support web sockets and I need a good cross-browser library :))

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If your backend is a NodeJS app, you don't need an IIS Server or anything related to the .NET Framework.

A list of hosting providers is maintained by NodeJS' author at https://github.com/joyent/node/wiki/Node-Hosting (The list might be outdated as I don't see Azure there).

I don't see why your server shouldn't work when deployed to Azure. Are you using npm install azure?

I have a feeling that you are confusing yourself regarding Web Sockets and Socket.io.

Socket.io is a realtime transport framework that might or might not use Web Sockets for its transport on the client-side based on the client's browser.

Refer: FAQ — Socket.IO

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I might not have explained myself properly. I was looking for a hosting solution that supports the web sockets implementation in WinRT. I fixed my problem and I'll write an answer to close the topic. Thanks for your explanation though. –  mleroy Sep 6 '12 at 3:15
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(Answering my own question) I was behind a proxy that didn't allow the web socket connection from socket.io in my Win8 app through, and so it fell back on a method that required loading external resources.

Bypassing that problematic proxy, the connection works fine and I can use socket.io from my app as intended. I'm hosting the other end on Azure (per the node.js + socket.io tutorial they provide) and it works. I still don't know what a developer wanting to use the built-in web sockets library should use for a host, but I imagine we have to wait for IIS 8 to be out.

Now I'm left to verify that the app can pass certification with this library.

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