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I was reading through the Postmark documentation, saw the rails gem there (github link).

I set it up according to the instructions and I ran into this message when I tried sending an email:

Provide either email TextBody or HtmlBody or both.

I have my email settings in my mailer as such:

  :to       => user.email,
  :subject  => "Thanks for signing up",
  :from     => "me@domain.com",
  "HtmlBody" => "<b>Hello</b>",
  "TextBody" => "Hello"

Please let me know if you need more information. I'm not sure if this is detailed enough for someone who has seen this error before.

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I'm seeing this too, whether I use Devise or a custom mailer I set up for testing purposes. It seems to be a catch-all error message that doesn't really tell you the cause. –  mahemoff Aug 20 '12 at 22:33

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Misnaming Email Views

I ran into this same thing and it was due to a misnaming on my part of the views associated with the email.


_user_first_logs_in.html.erb  # Was incorrectly using this.

user_first_logs_in.html.erb   # Should be using this.

A good way to test for this locally is by using the mail_view gem by our trusted 37signals boys that allows you to preview email in development. Check it out.

That should expose a lot of basic issues.


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