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I need to be able to identify what tab I am in within the browser. Isn't there some bit of information I can get from the browser to identify the tab? I don't need to know anything about any other tabs, I just need an id for the tab I am in. It could be a random or sequenced number, or a date-time stamp, as long as it remains the same for the life of the tab.

I have a client side app that makes a BOSH over HTTP connection to a remote server, and if I open it in multiple tabs, each instance needs its own unique id or the app fails, so I just need some unique number that is associated with the tab for as long as that tab exists (i.e. something that survives page refresh as I navigate the site that provides this app). Seems like a no-brainer that should just be available in the browser, like window.tabId - that's all I need. I've got a serious development block because I cannot get past this simple, simple, simple solution that doesn't seem to exist. There must be a way (a cross-browser solution at that).

Any ideas?

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One of the possible solutions is using "window.name" property, but I do not want to use it because somebody else can use it.

I found one more possible solution: using sessionStorage. It supported by FF3.5+, Chrome4+, Safari4+, Opera10.5+, and IE8+.

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You have to be using html5, but sessionStorage combined with a random guid would seem to be what you want.

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You can not get tab id with javascript, how ever there is some solution that can help you with like using different session / cookies when user open new tab.

Some reference:

Get Browser Tab Index/Id

get urls of firefox tabs from firefox extension

How to differ sessions in browser-tabs?

Get a unique session in each browser tab

asp.net - session - multiple browser tabs - different sessions?

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