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Can any one help me out to evaluate this expression at runtime using Vici parser.

I have tried other usual expressions like 5* VARIABLE kinda expression. But is it possible to evaluate conditional statements using VICI parser.

Example: IF SAL > 5 THEN 25 ELSE 45 ENDIF


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This structure is not possible. Probably we can use ternary operator {?:) so the expression can be given as : (sal > 5 ? 25: 45) But I am not sure, what do we do if we need a tree-structured coondition like if( sal > 7) then 3 else if( 10 > sal > 7) then 5 else 6 – Dhanasekar S M Aug 10 '12 at 6:41

You should use the ?: syntax:

SAL > 5 ? 25 : 45

You can expand this for multiple conditions as well:

SAL > 5 ? 25 : SAL > 10 ? 35 : 45
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Thanks, Philippe. I got to know this but wanted this to be more readable. Since this needs to be entered by user. So, I don't want an user to know abt what language are we using. So asked. But thanks for your reply – Dhanasekar S M Aug 30 '12 at 10:01

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