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I have a table Customer_Chronics in Oracle 11g. The table has three key columns as shown below :

  • branch_code
  • customer_id
  • period

I have partitioned by table by list of branch_code, and now I'm having dilemma. Which is better:

  1. Create unique index indexNumberOne on Customer_Chronics (PERIOD, CUSTOMER_ID);
  2. Create unique index indexNumberTwo on Customer_Chronics (branch_code, PERIOD, CUSTOMER_ID);

The actual data must be unique by period, customer_id. If I put a unique index only on these two columns Oracle will check all partitions on the table when inserting new records?

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The only way to enforce uniqueness is with a unique constraint on the columns of interest. So that's your first option. The database will check all values across all partitions it this case. But as it's a unique index that shouldn't take too long no matter how big the table gets (if that's your concern).

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Yes, If you put unique index on that two columns only, Oracle will create a global index and will check all partitions. This is one of challenges I face sometime because we prefer local indexs for big tables (small tables should be OK).

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