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A project that I'm working on requires being able to dynamically create sound-asset SWF files (using DefineSound tags). Even though I've been able to successfully create DefineSound tags using raw pcm, I haven't been able to do so with Speex.

The SWF format spec (pgs 202-204) specifies that you can use Speex in a DefineSound tag, but its fairly vague about the specifics. Is it just the output of speex_bits_write with no framing? Is it the same as the output of speexenc (e.g., an Ogg file)? Is it a series of frames with a length before each one? I've tried variations of all these and none of them work.

CS4 can be used to create sound-asset SWFs, which is useful for having a real-world example. The problem is, the GUI only allows for some encodings (MP3, Nellymoser, raw, etc), but not Speex.

So, my question is: has anyone done this? Can you point me to a reference implementation or an example Speex SWF?

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It looks like between this post and your last linked above that you've already gotten deeper into the roots than I've been so pure speculation here but this link may help? – shaunhusain Jan 4 '11 at 20:15
Can you create an FLV file that is only audio and use Speex audio codec when creating FLV? – Teddy Apr 28 '11 at 12:45
Yes, its possible to create a speex-encoded FLV. (You can do it with the Xuggler ffmpeg build.) The problem I'm having is creating a speex-encoded SWF. – paleozogt Apr 28 '11 at 15:19

This answer seems to have what you were looking for almost two years ago:

in flex, is it possible to embed speex files?

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