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I would not obfuscate all my project but just the mostly key class. how to write the proguard file to exclude all project and obfuscate only a single class or a single package ?

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What is the reason to obfuscate only 1 class/package? Calls to this class/package should be obfuscated too! –  RvdK Aug 10 '12 at 8:30

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Take a look at Proguard Manual: Keep option part and Android example .

Example :

-keep public class * extends android.app.Activity // keep class extend Activity
-keep class com.vtcmobile.qstore.CategoryParser   // keep class at provided path

Edit: Use

-keeppackagenames [package_filter] Specifies not to obfuscate the given package names. The optional filter is a comma-separated list of package names. Package names can contain ?, , and * wildcards, and they can be preceded by the ! negator. Only applicable when obfuscating.

-keeppackagenames com.vtcmobile {
! com.vtcmobile.CategoryParser // keep package com.vtcmobile excluded class com.vtcmobile.CategoryParser
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this will only keep class that extend Activity and exclude one single class, my goal is to exclude ALL the project and obfuscate only one class. –  Giuseppe Aug 10 '12 at 7:02

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