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I am trying to make a setup program in vb 6 that will install all the files that are required for the program. I used a csv file to import data into an array using

Open file For Input As fnum

then i scan whole csv and then get each data seperated by comma into the array

Now the exe file cannot be executed in another laptop and I get the error "file not found".

So how to embed this csv document into the .exe file so that the program can run in any windows pc.

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There are very good reasons not to try to do this at all. For one thing there are many pitfalls in the installation process, and you could screw up other applications if not your own. For another, programs that embed programs are likely to trigger as "droppers" in anti-malware - for good reason. There are perfectly good packaging tools out there already, take a minute to learn one. If you must self-extract use one of the common tools that anti-malware "trusts" already instead of writing something ad-hoc. –  Bob77 Aug 10 '12 at 14:46

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  1. Open the project, Add-Ins menu item, open the Add-In manager & double click the VB6 Resource Editor to load it, close manager.

  2. Click Project menu item then Add new Resource File at the bottom. Enter a file name for it & save it in the directory with your code files.

  3. From the Project Explorer tree double click XXX.RES from the new Related Documents node.

  4. Select Add Custom Resource from the toolbar in the window that pops up

  5. Browse to your .csv and add it, you should see it added as CUSTOM\101

  6. It will now be embedded into the exe at compile time. If the file changes, re-add it to the resource, there is a 64k limit per entry.

  7. To load it in code at runtime:

    strCSV = strconv(LoadResData(101, "CUSTOM"), vbunicode)

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hi thanks for your post....i added the csv file as custom resource and used it in the program..and it ran like butter. But after making it as exe, I tried to input value in textbox, then it shows: Runtime error 9, "subscript out of range" ...I think that it might not be storing the values of .csv file, so do you know any solution to this problem? –  netdeamon Aug 10 '12 at 18:14
The resource is not writeable, if you want to do that then load it, write it to disk and use that copy - if its another issue a new question would be best. –  Alex K. Aug 11 '12 at 9:36
+1 Here is a link to the VB6 documentation topics about this add-in –  MarkJ Aug 14 at 10:30

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