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I'm trying to find an appropriate license under which I can release the source code of my work.

I'm an artist and I use code as my medium. I want to release the code of my work so that others can benefit from it, integrate it into other non-commercial projects, etc, and I want any reuse credited to me.

However, I want to protect the concept of the work I built it for. I don't want the code used to copy/reproduce the artwork I built it for.

Any suggestions for licenses to look at?

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The concept of the work you built it for might be genuine but nothing for which copyright law has been invented.

Therefore you can not expect much of protection from copyright based licenses which are most of the more popular ones.

I highly suggest you get in contact with a lawyer on your behalf first who should help you to find out if and how copyright at all can be helping you to protect your commercial intends.

Also a lawyer might tell you about other laws which you can relate on.

All common licenses however, e.g. from Creative Commons for artistic works (not intended for software) are copyright based.

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