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What is the best way to insert a layout inside another layout at runtime. Specifically I have a FrameLayout that contains a ListView. This is defined in one mainlayout.xml file, and I have another layout file defining the header in header.xml.

1) How do I include the headerlayout.xml defined layout inside the definition of mainlayout.xml.(static case) ie without copying everything inside but referencing the other definition.

2) How could I dynamically add header layout into specific spot in mainlayout.xml at runtime? I know about inflating and all that, just not sure how to attach it to the spot where I want it in the mainlayout. Since I am not including whole definition in mainlayout.xml how to I have a placeholder there and set it dynamically in the right spot after inflation. (dynamic case).

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Static case. Inside your mainlayout.xml:

<include layout="@layout/header" id="@+id/header" />

Another solution which ca be both static and dynamic is using ViewStub

<ViewStub android:id="@+id/stub"
          android:layout_height="40dip" />
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Thanks. I need help with this as well stackoverflow.com/questions/11897440/… –  Code Droid Aug 10 '12 at 7:49

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