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I am new to iPhone.I am using some code for getting some data but i am confused whether it is better approach or not to use.can any body suggest me whether it is better approach or not. I have three classes 1.BiblePlayerAppDelegate 2.BiblePlayerViewController 3.ShowProgressViewController

In BiblePlayerViewController.m:

-(NSString *)selectedBookTitle {

//getting the text which is in the bookSelectionButton and assign that to selectedBookTitle
selectedBookTitle = [[bookSelectionButton titleLabel]text];

//return the selectedBookTitle String
return selectedBookTitle;

I am write the above method in biblePlayerViewController.m and selectedBookTitle is class variable in biblePlayerViewController class.Here in the same class i am calling this method several times nearly 30 times i am calling this it better approach for calling 30 times a method which is in that class.i am using this method in showProgressViewController also for that i am import biblePlayerViewController.h in showProgressViewController and then alloc init the biblePlayerViewController in showProgressViewController class.Is there any better approach for this.Please any body know this suggest me.It will so helpful to me

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One of the key factors of Opps is modularity and reusability , if you plan to use a single method over different class it is good to write once and use at many locations.

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