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We would like to show interstitial ads in our Android app, but our requirements are rather unusual. The app runs on a free trial basis for 30 days, after which the user must choose a payment option. Many users are strongly averse to any kind of payment, but still want to carry on using the app. Indeed some of them go to extraordinary lengths to do so, even at the risk of losing all their data.

We were thinking that instead of cutting off these users altogether, we could monetarise them by serving up paid ads. This would only be a sideline for us, so we would want any solution to have minimal impact on the rest of the app. We think that the best solution would be to use interstitial ads, as these would not have to be integrated into our existing layouts, and could be launched in a separate activity.

One problem is that we are still supporting Android 2.1, and most solutions demand much higher SDK levels. We feel that having different minimum and target SDK levels would be a potential risk in an app of our size. An HTML solution that we could embed in a webview would be ideal for us. We have tried one of these, but we were appalled by the level of support and the quality of the apps being advertised.

Any suggestions?

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