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I am trying to scrape data from a website that contains both .value and .rating-ineligible classes mixed up.

I want to keep track of both .value and .rating-ineligible in a single array, to check whether .value is available or not:

page.css('td.title .value').text.strip

I want an array named FLAG[], with elements set as "A" when .value is present and "NA" if .rating-ineligible is present where the output should look something like:


Is there any hack that makes the FLAG array work?

Sample Input :

<td class=title>

<span class="rating-rating">
<span class="value">8.7</span>

<div class="rating-ineligible">
<a href="somelink">NYR</a>

<span class="rating-rating">
<span class="value">5.2</span>

<span class="rating-rating">
<span class="value">6.1</span>

<span class="rating-rating">
<span class="value">7.9</span>

<div class="rating-ineligible">
<a href="somelink">NYR</a>

<span class="rating-rating">
<span class="value">-</span>

<span class="rating-rating">
<span class="value">4.2</span>


If you see the Above Sample Input, there are three types of values present,

One is rating   :   *.*
Second is       :   NYR
Third one is    :   - (Hyphen) 

I want these to be captured in a single array,

In which the value should be set as "A" if a valid rating is present in the format x.x

The value should be set as "NA" if the value present in the input is NYR.

and "-" if the Hyphen symbol - is present in the input.

Desired Output :

Flag ["A","NA","A","A","A","NA","-","A"]

Instead of setting flags i tired it by capturing the values into the below array,

r = page.css('td.title span.value').text.strip
ra=r.scan(/./)!{|x| x=='-'?noe:x}.flatten!

And the output of the array rati[] looks like below,

rati ["8.7","5.2","6.1","7.9","NOE","4.2"]

But here the problem is, There are totally 8 Values present in the given input, out of which 5 values are in the format of x.x one value is in the format of '-' which is captured as NOE in the array But i am unable to capture NYR in that array.

Now desired output of the above input should look like this, rati ["8.7","NYR","5.2","6.1","7.9","NYR","NOE","4.2"] but I dont know the exact way, how to capture the NYR value into the array.

Can anyone gimme the right code to do this ?

Thanks in advance.

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Please provide sample input and desired output. – Phrogz Aug 10 '12 at 13:20
Also, please show some sample code that you've tried writing to show you've made an attempt to solve the problem. – the Tin Man Aug 10 '12 at 20:16
doc = Nokogiri::HTML(
result ="//td/*[starts-with(@class, 'rating-')]").map do |node|

  case node.elements.first.text
  when /\d+\.\d+/
  when 'NYR'
  when '-'


pp result # ["A", "NA", "A", "A", "A", "NA", "-", "A"]
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