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Is there any way to set a dynamic name for column header, for example in a formatter function!?

I'll have a popup menu on the grid and depending on the chosen option it should change the name displayed in the column header.

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Its quite easy if you use dojo.query

var grid = dijit.byId('myGridId'),  NewHeader = "Foo Bar Text Content";
var columnHeaderNodes = dojo.query(
              '.dojoxGridHeader table th',
var nthColumn = 12;
// if has child and its not a textnode - this may happen
// when there is a listener (dnd, click) attached for sorting etc.
if(columnHeaderNodes[nthColumn].firstChild && columnHeaderNodes[nthColumn].firstChild.nodeType != 3) 
    tgt = columnHeaderNodes[nthColumn].firstChild;
else tgt = columnHeaderNodes[nthColumn];
tgt.innerHTML = NewHeader;
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Great! That was really helpful, exactly what I meant with my question. Thank you! –  Ivo Silva Aug 10 '12 at 11:25
@mschr can you please help me with this.. stackoverflow.com/questions/15826506/… –  Rachel Apr 5 '13 at 6:22

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