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how can I call a tinymce plugin function?


not working!

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is the correct way to call such a function. Be aware that tinymce.activeEditor needs to be set already in order to use it. tinymce.activeEditor gets set when the user clicks into the editor for example. Otherwise use


There might be another reason for your function call not to work: The function you want to call needs to be defined like the functions getInfo, _save and _nodeChange in the save plugin (see the developer build of tinymce to inspect this plugin in the plugins directory).

The save plugin shortened here:

(function() {
    tinymce.create('tinymce.plugins.Save', {
        init : function(ed, url) {

        getInfo : function() {

        // Private methods

        _nodeChange : function(ed, cm, n) {

        // Private methods
        _save : function() {


    // Register plugin
    tinymce.PluginManager.add('save', tinymce.plugins.Save);

You may call the getInfo function of this plugin using the following javascript call:

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