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I am using spring mcv with ibatis and jsp for viewing. my question is in jsp page, i am viewing like a data table containing a BUTTON at last column which is rendering from spring controller as my jsp page shown below.

<c:forEach var="aff" items="${hotellistdisplay}">

<td width="auto" align="center" class="row2"><b>
  <input type="button"  name="mybutton" id="${aff.hotel_id}" class="view" value="Deactivate">
  </b> </td>

there is 10 row containing button but as user click on a one of row the value of button should changed to ACTIVE without affecting the other row button. Though i got the code on based of class i am changing the value but it reflects all other button too. I want the value shouls be changed for particular for which the user click..

any help plz. Thanks.

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You can still use class attribute, but use this instead inside your function:


Demo HERE.

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Thanks works – ASUR Aug 10 '12 at 9:11

You can use the val() method, try the following:

$('td input[type="button"]').click(function(){


$('tr td').click(function(){
   $('input[type="button"]', this).val('active')
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