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I have a static field public static Class[] items; I want it to be filled at the start of the application with classes which have @ItemExample annotaion. Example classes(simplified):

public class ItemUtil{
public static Class[] itemClasses;
public static void actionsWithAllItemClasses(
//call some general method of classes in array using reflection API

    public class Item1 extends GeneralItem{
     public static void generalMethod(){
    //Item 1 specific action

    public class Item2 extends GeneralItem{
    public static void generalMethod(){
    //Item2 specific action

So at the starting(deployment, before ServletCOntextListneres start executing) time of application (Run in Tomcat) item classes=={Item1.class, Item2.class}. Also I would like each class to override the generalMethod() of GeneralItem, but this method is static, so each class declares it's own method.

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Google Reflections Runtime search and

Evo Class Index Compile Time search


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