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(Sorry for bad english)

Hi everyone,

I am curious about the architecture of marker detection so i started to google it. I want an iphone application (i.e. xcode project), with source codes of course, about marker detection in AR. I want codes because i tried to execute the app in my iphone then i'll dig the code in order to understand the architecture. I have been searching this issue in 2 days. I found a few examples but most of them are interested in AR generally not specifically in marker detection. Some of my research findings are bottom of the paragraph btw. 1 or 2 apps found in marker detection but in the apps there is no marker so i didn't try. I searched github and I also searched here but i didn't succeed enough. To sum up, i need help:) Can you help me?


Toolkits: ARToolkit NyARToolkit flARToolkit Wikitude etc.


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Check out OpenCV. It's an open source computer vision library created by Intel. Really powerful highly optimized algorithms for applications like yours. – James Aug 11 '12 at 3:49

check Out Arkit Demo and Mixare,

In Mixare, will find a method

  • (void)updateLocations:

you will find how marker is detected and place on iPhone Screen. Method name is same in ARKit also.

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