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I have the following code, and it does not work in IE8 (works perfect in Firefox):

response = eval('({"success":true,"statuses":[{"title":"Unknown","code":"UNKNOWN","cssClass":"sys_unknown","id":1}]})');

for (var i in response.statuses) {
    status = response.statuses[i];
     if (status.id != undefined) {
        alert('ID = ' + status.id);

Can someone tell what's wrong? Thanks.

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You also should not iterate arrays with for/in. You should use the general form: for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++)'. – jfriend00 Aug 10 '12 at 9:01
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Try this:

response = eval('({"success":true,"statuses":[{"title":"Unknown","code":"UNKNOWN","cssClass":"sys_unknown","id":1}]})');

var s = response.statuses;
for (var i=0,len = s.length;i<len;i++) {
    var st = s[i];
     if (typeof st.id != 'undefined') {
        alert('ID = ' + st.id);
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This solved the problem. Thank you very much! – Bogdan Burim Aug 10 '12 at 9:16

status is a reserved keyword in IE. Try to rename your var.

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First of all, try to always declare your variables with the var keyword. If you don't, they will become properties of the window object, effectively adding them to the global scope.

The reason why it doesn't work is because of this line: status = response.statuses[i];

You don't need to rename your variable because you're not in global scope, as long as you declare it with the var keyword: var status = response.statuses[i];

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