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I need to keep track of the previously selected segment of a UISegmentControl. Is there a delegate method I could use? Maybe something like selectedSegmentShouldChange:? The only delegate method I have been able to find is segmentedControl:selectedSegmentChanged:. This delegate is one step after the one I need.

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There is not an API for handling this situation. I instead had to work with a simple FIFO buffer to keep track of the last selected segment. Here is the code for my PreviousItem object:

// PreviousItem.h

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

typedef struct {
  char current;
  int a;
  int b;
} itemFIFO;

@interface PreviousItem NSObject {
  itemFIFO stack;

- (void) push(int) a;
- (int) pop;


// PreviousItem.m

#import "PreviousItem.h"

@implementation PreviousItem

- (id) init
  if ( ![super init] ) {
    return nil;

  stack.a = -1;
  stack.b = -1;

  return self;

- (void) push(int) a
  stack.b = stack.a;
  stack.a = a;

- (int) pop
  return stack.b;


An example of it's usage:

prevSegment = [[PreviousItem alloc] init];
[prevSegment push:0]; // Previously selected segment is 0
[mySegmentControl setSelectedSegment:1]; // Choose a new segment
[prevSegment push:1]; // Update our segment stack
// User does something and we need to know the previously selected segment
int oldSegment = [prevSegment pop]; // Will return 0 in this contrived example
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