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In the source of a file I have several 'hooks' which I want to get in order to apply some extra variables from my PHP-script. The hooks are applied to the source like: @include_plugin PluginName@

I am able to find them using preg_match_all('/@include_plugin .*@/', $sSource, $aPlugins); This regex is giving me the matches I want, but is it also possible to directly get PluginName instead of my solution and then having to apply a substring to the match?

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You need to use a capturing group in your regular expression. These are created by placing parenthesis around part of the pattern.

So we change your .* into (.*)

preg_match_all('/@include_plugin (.*)@/', $sSource, $aPlugins);

Check the output from the var dump, there will be a new sub-array at index 1 with the plugin names only.

array(2) {
  array(1) {
    string(27) "@include_plugin PluginName@"
  array(1) {
    string(10) "PluginName"
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Thank you! This is what I'm looking for. +1 accepted (in 10 mins, due too accepttime restriction ;)). – Ben Aug 10 '12 at 9:05

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