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I'm using RestKit to POST my Album class with his nested collection o songs (Song class)

I cannot find the right way to serialize the NSArray containing album songs: it serialize the whole collection into a kind of collection of NSDictionary.

I'm using v 0.10.0 and using NSObjects not CoreData

Here is my json structure:

  "collection_name":"The Platinum Collection",  
    "track_name":"Bohemian Rhapsody",

This is my actual mapping:

RKObjectMapping *songMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[Song class]];

[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"id" toAttribute:@"code"];
[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"source" toAttribute:@"source"];
[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"album_id" toAttribute:@"album_id"];
[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"track_name" toAttribute:@"track_name"];
[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"track_time_millis" toAttribute:@"track_time_millis"];
[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"track_time" toAttribute:@"track_time"];

[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"disc_number" toAttribute:@"disc_number"];
[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"track_number" toAttribute:@"track_number"];
[songMapping mapKeyPath:@"preview_url" toAttribute:@"preview_url"];

[objectManager.mappingProvider setObjectMapping:songMapping forKeyPath:@"song"];
[objectManager.mappingProvider setSerializationMapping:[songMapping inverseMapping] forClass:[Song class]];

RKObjectMapping *albumMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[Album class]];
[albumMapping hasMany:@"songs" withMapping:songMapping];

// Setup our object mappings
[objectManager.mappingProvider setObjectMapping:albumMapping forKeyPath:@"album"];

[objectManager.mappingProvider setSerializationMapping:[albumMapping inverseMapping] forClass:[Album class]];
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