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I've been dealing with some calendar code for a while and i can't seem to find the way..

So, i have this calendar showing tours(Y), months(X) and the respective prices for each combination. Now what i need is to add additional column showing the durations in days of each tour. I did that, and it works fine but i also have to sort them and group by the number of days.

e.g First column (containing the name of the tours) starts by title : "1 day tours" and is followed by the tours whom's duration is 1 day. Than an other title: "2 days tours"..and so on.

To do that i had to create two embed 'foreach' circles. The main 'foreach' displays the titles " X days tours",, than the embed 'foreach' displays the proper tours. Now my problem is how do i print out the html code???? here is the code:=>

    foreach($tour_durations as $d){ 

    **print "<tr><td colspan="4"><b>Tous of <?php echo $d;?> Days</b></td></tr>"**

    foreach($result->tour as $tour) {
                        if($tour->duration == $d){ ?>
    <a href="<?php print $tour->tour_url_tracked; ?>"><?php print $tour->tour_name;?>
print "<td><span class='month of'>".$tour->duration."</span></td>";?>

<= the enclosed by stars, is the problematic code..

What is the rights way to display it?? What's wrong??

I hope i was enought clear! :/

Thanks in advance!!!

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echo "<tr><td colspan='4'><b>Tous of ".$d." Days</b></td></tr>";

instead of

print "<tr><td colspan="4"><b>Tous of <?php echo $d;?> Days</b></td></tr>"

should do it

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Or, better, "...Tous of $d Days...". You can directly specify variables inside double quotes. – uınbɐɥs Aug 10 '12 at 9:35
Yes you can, but this improves the readability a bit more – asprin Aug 10 '12 at 9:37
Yes, it did took away the syntax error! Thank you for that! But what can you tell me about the logic?? Does it seems right to you? Can i put the 'echo' code there? it still won't group my tours by their duration :(... it shows one title per tour.. Any idea on that?!? i would appreciate a lot!!! – Mirela Aug 10 '12 at 10:07
The syntax error was showing up because you were using echo inside print which cannot be done. print and echo do the same thing, but it is said that echo is quicker than print. In the above code I used only one single statement (either print or echo; in my case echo) to display the data in browser – asprin Aug 10 '12 at 10:14
Well, I personally think that $d is more readable thatn ".$d.". – uınbɐɥs Aug 10 '12 at 21:23

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