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I have a table that has some rogue tags that need replacing

The offending string ends <tr> and needs replacing with </table>

Not all record are affected, so I need to find these and then replace them

Our skills using Update Replace Where are limited as the characters are not unique within the string but their position is, ie the last 4 characters

Have tried using

UPDATE table
SET field
REPLACE (RIGHT(field,4),</table>)

but suspec this is over simplified (and also fails)

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try this:

UPDATE table
SET field=concat(left(field,length(field) -4),'</table>')
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that is spot on - thank you, used it with this to find and replace the offending code UPDATE table SET field=concat(left(field,length(field) -4),'</table>') WHERE products_description LIKE '% </td></tr><tr>' – user1589800 Aug 10 '12 at 10:58

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