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I build a service used thrift, and host it on a tomcat server by TServlet , the protocol is TCompactProtocol

I want to test the service by loadrunner, but i don't know how to record the test script

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Hi @AlanShen; welcome to StackOverflow. You need to better qualify your question better: performance in terms of what? (Requests per second? Throughput? Server resources consumed? Hairs pulled out due to maintanance issues?) –  Dan Puzey Aug 10 '12 at 9:32

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What protocol you would select for your thrift interface testing is entirely dependent upon the transport used in your implementation


If raw TCP, then Winsock. If HTTP, then Web Virtual User (with Web_custom_requests() and recording headers), etc....

Note, not all interfaces are recordable. Some you will have to build code directly. With Thirft you ~~may~~ be able to build a client using the Java template virtual user type.

If this is your first venture into sockets of Java virtual user types then you will want to have a mentor with you for the ride. Otherwise its going to be extremely painful and far less fruitful than it should be.

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