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I have a Java model which is effectively a tree of Java beans. Different areas of my application can change different beans of the model. When finished, I want to save the model, which should be able to work out which beans have actually changed, and call there

I know I can implement save(), isDirty() and setDirty() methods in all the beans, and have the setter check whether there is a change and call setDirty(). But ideally I don't want to have to programmicatically do this for each setter. I want to just be able to add new properties to the beans with no additional coding.

I'm also aware of PropertyChangeListeners, but again I would have to programmatically fire a change in each setter.

Can anyone recommend a pattern/aspect/annotation that I might be able to use to make my life easier? I don't think what I'm trying to achieve is everything new or groundbreaking so hoping there's something out there I can use.

Note that I'm coding in basic Java, so no fancy frameworks to fall back on (expect Spring for bean management - outside of my model).

Thanks in advance.

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