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I need help about regular expression matching with non-greedy option.

Match pattern is:


Text to match is:

<img src="test">
  src="a" src='a' a=b>

I test on http://regexpal.com

This expression matches all text from <img to last >. I need it to match with first encountered > after initial <img, so here I'd need to get 2 matches instead of 1 that I get.

I tried all combinations of non-greedy ?, with no success.

And please no mentoring about parsing html by REGEX, this question is about non-greedy matching that I want to learn.

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What language are you running the REGEX in? –  Utkanos Aug 10 '12 at 9:41

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The non-greedy ? works perfectly fine. Its just that you need to select dot matches all option in the regex engines( regexpal, the engine you used, also has this option ) you are testing with. This is because, regex engines generally dont match line breaks when you use .. You need to tell them explicitly that you want to match line-breaks too with .



works fine!

Check the results here

Also, read about how dot behaves in various regex flavours.

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There is also a trick you can do to work around this: Since \s means "any whitespace", and "\S" means "any non-whitespace", [\s\S] will match ANY character (like ".", but including new line)! Similarly, you could use [\d\D], or [\w\W]. This can be quite a handy little "hack", and it certainly a very useful trick to be aware of. –  Tom Lord Nov 21 '14 at 11:45
Or even, in this example, you could use: <img[^>]*> to achieve the same affect: since "Any character other than >" DOES include new line! –  Tom Lord Nov 21 '14 at 11:52
good answer, but how about bash? echo "<img src=test>bla<img src=a>" | grep -P '<img\s.*?>' matches the whole string despite the ? operator. –  Thorsten Staerk Mar 22 at 8:47

the ? operand makes match non-greedy. E.g. .* is greedy while .*? isn't. So you can use something like <img.*?> to match the whole tag. Or <img[^>]*>.

But remember that the whole set of HTML can't be actually parsed with regexps.

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