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I have users on website and their password are encrypted (md5) and stored in the database. Now, I have their e-mails, and if someone forgot his password, I want to send him link to reset it's password.

Anyone can advise on how this can be done? Which are best practices?


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MD5 is not "encryption", it's hashing. MD5 is also not very good hashing. –  deceze Aug 10 '12 at 9:54
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Pop a column in the database that is fairly unique and is a randomly generated token string (quite long). When the user requests the password to be reset, send them that token in an email for verification. Returning that token via a link (aka GET) will confirm the user has access to the email address and at that point allow them to reset their password.

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You should send an email using mail() and add to the db a hashed random string. THe email should contain a link like "domain.com/forgot.php?h=HASHEDSTRING". In that page, you should check which user has that hashed string and output a field for them to reset their password.

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You can do as follows,

1. if user forgot his password allow him to enter email registered with.

2. send an email with reset password link and the link should contain md5(some data) 
ex: www.ex.com/md5_data

3. before sending mail the check email entered is existed, if existed take the user id, store user id, md5(data) which you are sending along with mail

4. when user clicks on link sent to mail get the url data and check if that md5 data exists in your table and if exists get the user id and allow him to set new password and update password using user id and delete the md5 data from table so if he again clicks the link it should not work.
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