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This question has already been addressed but I would like to see some PHP code on actually doing this and also because I did not have the ability to comment so I was asked to 'restart' the thread.

I am trying to plot dates on the x-axis but my dates do not have the same frequency.

Here are some sample data points to have as an example: Date:Value, 1/1/2009:100, 1/5/2009:150, 1/6/2009:165, 1/13/2009:200, 1/20/2009:350, 1/30/2009:500

I would like to see a chart that have the points separated relative to their actual time apart in days. I am attempting to do this efficiently in PHP and would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

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I found some good code here. No longer will my question be a tumbleweed!

Flot is a jQuery plotting library that looks very promising!

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