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I have created 2 lists :

  1. CarInfo(Custom List)
  2. Car Booking(Calendar List)

I created columns like CarName and CarNumber. When I select CarName, CarNumber, it automatically comes, but, my requirement is, when I select CarName , StartTime and EndTime. For example:

Suppose CarName is Car1 , StartTime is 1:00pm and EndTime is 2:00Pm. Another user can login and add same car and timings.If another user can give same things, it wont allow those fields.

Here, I need validation for those columns. Can anyone help me.

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What you can do is to write an ItemAdding Event Handler to the list definition using VS2010.

ItemAdding Event Handler

In the event hanlder, you will have to loop through the list checking if there is a matching item already. You can use this code to get the values of the item that is to about to be added.

string jobTitle = properties.AfterProperties["Title"].ToString();

To cancel the job if item already exists

properties.Cancel = true;

Use this link to get an idea...

Creating SharePoint 2010 Event Receivers in Visual Studio 2010

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