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I have a very simple code segment where there is a do while loop with a switch case which goes as follows:

do {
    printf("Enter Choice\n");
    scanf("%d", &choice);
    switch(choice) {
          case 1: printf("1 selected");
          case 2: printf("exit");
          default: printf("wrong input");
} while (choice != 2);

In this piece of code if by accident I enter a character instead of a number the program goes haywire looping indefinitely and doesnt even take the input. I know this can be corrected if I insert


before getting into switch case. But my question is why does it happen in the first place.

Shouldn't it go to default case and ask for input again?

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I don't see how if(isdigit(choice)) could possibly solve this problem, seeing that choice is the already interpreted integer input, rather than a char. –  Niklas B. Aug 10 '12 at 10:24
You will have issues when you get input that is different from your format specification, so in other words no, in order to get to the case it'd have to be the correct format. I would say accept everything as a string. That way no errors arise. Then, you do a check on the input string, convert as necessary...so on and so forth... –  Don'tWasteYourTime Aug 10 '12 at 10:28

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If scanf can't match input with the format specifier, it leaves it in the buffer. So the next time around it still won't match and so on. In other words, it doesn't eat what it can't match. You must check the value returned by scanf, the number of matched items, to make sure the input was expected.

Alternatively, to skip unwanted stuff, you could try (untested):

scanf("%*[^0-9]%d", &choice);

This should discard anything that's not a digit before trying to read a decimal integer.

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Please checkout the scanf manual page.

If the next thing in the input is not a number in this case it does not consume it.

You need to check the return value from scanf and if it is zero, consume the next character and try again (or perhaps until end of line is reached).

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