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I have the following piece of code:

Matcher matchDays = m_daysRegex.matcher(e.getKey());
if (matchDays.matches()){

Where e.getKey() is "Mon-Fri".

Now, I have already executed the first line and stand on the if expression. Using the watch window I evaluate the matchDays.matches() expression and then add some watches on the various methods of matchDays. Then using the same watch window I evaluate the matchDays = m_daysRegex.matcher("Mon,Fri") and matchDays.matches() expressions to see what happens. Unfortunately, the watch window does not refresh itself and it does not have an explicit button to do so: enter image description here

On the image above, notice how matchDays.group(0) displays "Mon,Fri", but matchDays.group(1) displays "Mon-Fri". This is because I manually refreshed the former, but all the rest still show the old values. I have to manually refresh them all, which is annoying.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there the right way to do it, so the watch expressions are refreshed automatically? Or is there a way to refresh the whole watch window?


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It's not possible to refresh them automatically as a refresh would require calling the actual methods which can have side effects on the debugger and the semantics of the application. Simple watch values are refreshed automatically.

See also the similar request in YouTrack.

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