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I have a really strange situation in my actual javascript project. I created a custom event and put an array to this event

$.publish("merilon/TablesLoaded", getTables());

the object which subscribed this event didn't get with

$.subscribe("merilon/TablesLoaded", myfunc)

the two parameters event and the array in the function myfunc. Instead it get event and then each entry from the array as following parameter

so what i expectet is

myfunc(event, [obj1, obj2, obj3 ... objn]){...}

but i get

myfunc (event, obj1, obj2, obj3 ... objn){...}

I don't want a workaround. What i need is to understand why this happen and how i can prevent this. Anyone an idea?

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$.publish/$.subscribe doesn't seem to be native jQuery. What plugin are you using ? Semms that there are plenty, which don't behave the same... – OcuS Aug 10 '12 at 12:39
the problem is, that it's not possible to send arrays with the nettuts+ pub/sub model. $.publish("merilon/TablesLoaded", array); is nothing else then $.trigger("merilion/TablesLoaded", event, array) and when we watch under we can read .trigger( eventType [, extraParameters] ) eventTypeA string containing a JavaScript event type, such as click or submit. extraParametersAdditional parameters to pass along to the event handler. – Lehnhard Aug 10 '12 at 12:54
so there is no way to prevent this, then the following: 1. Write an other pub/sub system or use something diffrent 2. use a workaround like $.publish("merilon/TablesLoaded", {o:getTables()}); if anyone see some other possibilities so you are welcome to share ur thoughts with me. – Lehnhard Aug 10 '12 at 12:55
// Pub/Sub Implementation (function($){ var o = $({}); $.each({ on : "subscribe", trigger : "publish", off : "unsubscribe" }, function(key, api){ $[api] = function(){ o[key].apply(o, arguments); } }); })(jQuery); – Lehnhard Aug 10 '12 at 12:56

As noted above:

 var o = $({}); 
       { on : "subscribe", trigger : "publish", 
         off : "unsubscribe" }, 
         function(key, api)
           $[api] = function()
                       o[key].apply(o, arguments); 
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