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Could someone please give me a single up to date tutorial for implementing OAuth with twitter. I have gone through so many tutorials I have lost count, and not a single one of them is up to date with the new xCode. I tried the MGTTwitter, but there is no tutorial for it. On his own website, where it gives link to tutorial, it just links you to this

So no idea that that is about

I tried

But I dont know how to add the static folders to xCode. I tried adding the targets, but nothing to add.

Tried following

However, it is out of date. When I run the app, using my consumer key and secret, when I click authorise, it just closes window, then brings up authorisation window again. I enter user and pass again, does the same thing over and over again.

I downloaded latest version of sharekit, didnt really want to go down this root as all I want is the twitter authorisation and I think adding over 50 files or so is a bit much for one feature, but thought I would give it a shot. But when I open it up, comes up with error around facebook

(null): error: /Users/adam/Downloads/ShareKit-ShareKit-7a05403/Classes/ShareKit/Sharers/Services/Facebook/../../../../../Submodules/facebook-ios-sdk/src/FBDialog.bundle: No such file or directory

All I want is a simple authentication so users can accept and then send tweets from the app. I dont want to use the twitter framework as then users have click send twice, i.e type message into textview, then then twitter viewcontroller appears, then they click send again. I want them to be able to tweet from within the app. Yet I just cannot seem to find any tutorial that explains how to do this in detail.

Could someone please point me in the direction of a tutorial that does this, I didnt think it would be this much hassle to implement a simple authorisation into iPhone, but this is driving me insane!!!


I got

This one working, however when I sign in, app crashes and the log says

Authenticated with user (null)

Anyone have any idea about that one?

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Found out why I was having a problem with these twitter tools. They were using http rather than https to authenticate with Twitter which is no longer allowed. Just changed it to https and works fine

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