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Some Background Information first:

I have a server that provides wcf soap services and a website that consumes those services. The server uses the entity framework to write/read to/from the database. During the process the entity object are transformed into DTOs and back when they return to the server.

I have the following entity model:

The DTOs are autogenerated.

Now to the problem:

The Participent is the 'start' object that is created with a VisibleStatus, a Status, a StatusMessage and two ContactGroups. After those are created I want to add Contact with the already created Participent and ContactGroup.

The problem here is, that the entity framework does not realize that the participent and the contact group already exist in the database and it creates a new database entry for those. Even if they already have an id. I think the problem lies in the fact that the entities are transformed to DTOs and back.

Asume the following client side code to generate the participent, visible status, status, status message and contact groups:

MT_Stammdaten_MeineKontakte_ParticipentDTO user = new MT_Stammdaten_MeineKontakte_ParticipentDTO();
user.MT_Participant_Id = endUserId;
user.StatusMessage = new StatusMessageDTO()
    Text = "not defined",
    Timestamp = DateTime.Now,
user.VisibleStatus = new VisibleStatusDTO()
    Photo = null,
    Status = new StatusDTO()
        Value = "not defined"
    Timestamp = DateTime.Now

user = cClient.AddParticipantMapping(user);

ContactGroupDTO defaultGroup = new ContactGroupDTO()
    Participent = user,
ContactGroupDTO familyGroup = new ContactGroupDTO()
    Participent = user,

defaultGroup = cClient.AddContactGroup(defaultGroup);
familyGroup = cClient.AddContactGroup(familyGroup);

And now the code for creating the contact:

MT_Stammdaten_MeineKontakte_ParticipentDTO participent = cClient.getUser(endUserId);
ContactGroupDTO group = cClient.GetContactGroup(1);
MT_Stammdaten_MeineKontakte_EndUser endUser = new MT_Stammdaten_MeineKontakte_EndUser()
    MT_EndUser_Id = newContactId,
ContactDTO contact = new ContactDTO()
    ContactGroup = group,
    ContactGroupId = group.Id,
    MT_Stammdaten_MeineKontakte_EndUser = endUser,
    MT_Stammdaten_MeineKontakte_Participent = participent,

contact = cClient.AddContact(contact);

How can one tell the entity framework that the objects with an id already exist? Because of the fact, that most of the objects are nested, I'd prefer a rather generic solution.

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You need to set the State on the existing objects to EntityState.Unchanged. eg, for a group

     (group, System.Data.EntityState.Unchanged);
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I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks. – Dominik Mohr Aug 12 '12 at 23:31
At the end, it worked. – Dominik Mohr Aug 22 '12 at 22:16

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