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In Symfony2 it is possible to define 2 different @routes to get one same Controller and Action?

The thing is: how do you check in that unique action what path or route does the user come from?

Example: Imagine we have an action called "createUserAction" that can be reached both from @routes /common_register and /premium_register.

Inside the action I want to difference between the two kinds of users, to use different forms and create the users according to the route they have entered through (or in general, have a different behavour depending o it).

How do I do that?

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In your action, just add additional special route parameter $_route to the method

public function createUserAction ($_route)
    ... //$_route will return the name of your route
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Such a good one! I love symfony2 :) –  ElPiter Aug 10 '12 at 14:40

Have you considered another approach? Just use a single route with a parameter:

 *@route ("/register/{type}", requirements={"type" = "common|premium"})

public function createUserAction ($type) {
    //use $type to decide what to do
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