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Look at the code in config.h:

#if (API_TYPE == 1)
    #define URL_API @"https://dapi.xxx.com/1.1/"
#elif (API_TYPE == 2)
    #define URL_API @"https://tapi.xxx.com/1.1/"
#elif (API_TYPE == 3)
    #define URL_API @"https://api.xxx.com/1.1/"
   // I want stop pre-compile if in here.
   // assert(0);

API_TYPE could only be defined as 1,2,3. It is wrong if be defined as other value. I can write some illegal code in #else path. But it is not perfect. Is there any command or method to stop the pre-compile process if it goes #else path?

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You can insert #error "Error message", which will stop preprocessing and a compilation won't even begin.

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Thank your very much! –  qiushuitian Aug 10 '12 at 12:06

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