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If I have an IP address like 2001:4860:4860::8888

How can I get the fully qualified domain in the format foo.ip6.arpa ?

EDIT: Both the solutions so far give me google-public-dns-a.google.com - maybe Reverse DNS was the wrong name. For this I'd expect the output to be something like

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Answers look correct to me despite the edited question. But is there no standard module capable of returning the .ip6.arpa format? –  Pavel Šimerda Jan 22 at 20:13

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using dnspython.

from dns import resolver,reversename
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IPy provides methods for what you want:

>>> from IPy import IP
>>> ip = IP('')
>>> ip.reverseName()

Works for both IPv4 and IPv6, although the original IPy has a few bugs for IPv6. I created a fork with some extensions and fixes at https://github.com/steffann/python-ipy which you can use as long as the fixes haven't been merged back into the original code.

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