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I have been here before, asking for a mapping library that could store objects in a database. Some one told me about the Core Data Framework. I have read a bit about it and I kindda understand it. I have created some "test Core data projects", where I have worked with simple problems and models ala Person and Group. But now I want to experiment with implementing Core Data to one of my small iPhone apps. How do I do this? Subclassing from NSManagedObject and make a Managed Object Model? I know that there is more to it, but I havent found anything on google og apples site. Maybe Im looking in wrong direction while googling and searching. A link to an article/tutorial explaining me how to add Core Data to my project would make my day.

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There's a tutorial on iPhone developer site here. And there are several sample codes with Core Data as well. These should get you started.

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There are plenty of examples on the Apple's iPhone development site . It's best to go there to start with them, they are also updated to the latest iPhone SDK. Why not go directly to the best source? – willi Feb 14 '10 at 17:43

The book, More iPhone 3 Development begins with a great tutorial demonstrating how to use Core Data. I've found it incredibly helpful.

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hey rose thanku so much for specify that book.may i get other resources which is useful for iphone development – Mar 31 '11 at 14:15

Here is a basic CoreData screencast that, while not specifically for the iPhone gives a decent introduction to CoreData concepts.

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