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I'm wondering if there is a package construct in DB2 like in Oracle.

For DB2 I found stored procedures and functions.

In Oracle one could group several stored procedures and functions together in a package. Is there something similar in DB2? I know one can enable some Oracle compatibility, however we should be using IBM stuff here.

I found an older article on DB2 packages however this seems to relate to a totally different concept. It seems to be more about integrating third party libraries and doing the coding outside of the database with different programming languages.

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DB2 has modules, which are equivalent to Oracle packages.

When using Oracle compatibility within DB2, the CREATE PACKAGE statement DB2 will create a module.

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It appears that there are packages in DB2.

Here's a link to the IBM manual section on packages.

Here's a link to the IBM manual section on IBM's SQL procedural language, which you can use in SQL procedures.

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This are Oracle PL/SQL packages where DB2 is emulating an Oracle DB. That is what I ment with "Oracle compatibility". –  Udo Held Aug 10 '12 at 17:02
@Udo Held: The DB2 link you provided in your question pointed to the PL/SQL section of the IBM manual. That's why I assumed you could use IBM's PL/SQL. I've added a link to IBM's SQL procedural language in my answer. –  Gilbert Le Blanc Aug 10 '12 at 17:15

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