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In a classic XNA application this value is set through the application properties.

By default this value is set to HiDef, at least on the machine I am currently using. But it has to be set to Reach to run.

My problem is that I did not find any way to effectively change this value using monogame. The property window is obviously not the same as with XNA and I did not find any config values.

Changing the value in the code, in the Game constructor or the LoadContent method does not solve my problem.

PS: My original problem, which I think is caused by this GraphicsDevice.GraphicsProfile, is Monogame Draw2D sample: AccessViolation exception

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In constructor metod, create new event handler for your GraphicsDeviceManager:

graphics.PreparingDeviceSettings += new EventHandler<PreparingDeviceSettingsEventArgs (graphics_PreparingDeviceSettings);

(default handler is created by doubletapping Tab after +=)

then in event handler add folowing code

void graphics_PreparingDeviceSettings(object sender, PreparingDeviceSettingsEventArgs e)
e.GraphicsDeviceInformation.GraphicsProfile = GraphicsProfile.Reach;
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Thanks, that looks good but... I am trying to find why my PreparingDeviceSettingsEventArgs object does not have any GraphicsProfile property. Just Adapter, DeviceType, PresentationParameters. –  Mr.Pe Aug 13 '12 at 6:07
I don't understand how two implementation of the same class are present in MonoGame.Microsoft.Xna.Framework and MonoGame.Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics. The one in ...Framework is the one used by PreparingDeviceSettingEventArgs but the other one contains the property GraphicsProfile. github.com/mono/MonoGame/blob/develop/MonoGame.Framework/… github.com/mono/MonoGame/blob/develop/MonoGame.Framework/… (I feel like I am missing something very stupid here...) –  Mr.Pe Aug 13 '12 at 6:36
I guess you gave me the answer. My code is still not running but I think this is another problem now. So my story continue on another question now. –  Mr.Pe Aug 13 '12 at 7:12

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