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I am using Specjour v0.4.1 for full test suite runs and preloading a rails app to run individual specs with Spork and Guard. Specjour uses multiple workers (usually 4) to run tests simultaneously.

How can I pass the preloaded application to each one of these workers? As specjour continues to load the application for each worker.

Note: rspec spec/models/example_spec.rb --drb is used to force rspec to use the preloaded application.

I've forked specjour and tried to push the --drb flag to each worker using several methods with no success. Any insight would appreciated. Thanks!

Note: hooks.rb configuration seems promising (mentioned in the README), however, documentation is extremely slim.

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How did you solve your issue at the end? –  Pierre Ozoux Apr 23 at 10:50

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