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I want to build a shop using magento, but I will only have 5 products with all the options (size, quantity, colour and so on) on the home page, maybe some on has done something similar and could point me to the right direction?


I googled :)

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Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this is to create a category with those 5 products and set is as the homepage of your webshop. You can find this option under System > Configuration > Web > Default Web URL.

So instead of using the default cms value, use the following value: catalog/category/view/id/<your_category_id>

The category ID is visible on the category edit page in the admin.

Managing this page is just like you would normally treat your product list / category pages.

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try to download the magento and install the demo store.... And u can use this to aswer the basic.

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