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I am getting a null pointer exception when attempting to set a CheckBox to checked.

Example of my code:

CheckBox something;

What am i doing wrong here?

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Do you know the difference between initializing and declaring a variable? – tolgap Aug 10 '12 at 15:07
Well, you told the app "Hey, I want a CheckBox and I'm going to call it "something". You then attempt to alter "something" without telling it which CheckBox "something" is! Is it my CheckBox? Your checkBox1, checkBox2, or checkBox3 defined in your XML? A brand new CheckBox? – Mike S. Aug 10 '12 at 15:17
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It is because you did not instantiate your CheckBox object properly.

If your CheckBox is in an xml file you can do :

something = (CheckBox)findViewById(R.id.idofYourCheckbox);

If not just do :

something = new CheckBox(Context ct);

See this for more info.

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That's because your something object is not initialized.

Initialize it with

CheckBox something = new CheckBox();

then use

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Its because, You just declared CheckBox something; object, not initialized it.

Initialize it like,

CheckBox something = new CheckBox(this); // here 'this' is an activity context


something = (CheckBox)findViewById(R.id.checkbox); // This is from XML file
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